About Us

About The Persnickety Co


a) Giving a lot of attention to small details.
b) Requiring great precision.

The Persnickety Co was born from keeping fit! When 2 good friends started keeping fit together we began talking about our hopes for the future and found we had a common interest in working in a happy, creative environment.
The Persnickety Co was named after the belief that it is the 'small details' that can bring a smile to someones face and genuinely make their day.
The Persnickety Co is an innovative, creative brand dedicated to bringing to the market little, original and quirky gifts that make people happy. Many of our gifts, such as our best selling Make A Wish Bracelets, Tea-riffic
™ Envelopes and Pretty Little Frames are all individually handmade by us. Other ranges such as our stationery collection are all carefully considered and hand selected.
The Persnickety Co is a small independent UK business and we truly appreciate your order - with it you are helping make our dreams come true.

If you are interested in stocking The Persnickety Co products please email wholesale@persnicketyco.co.uk