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On My Wedding Day To My Mother / Father

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Sophisticated and stylish wedding card that can be personalised to send to any member of your wedding party.

When you'd like to say something to your loved ones on your special day what better way then writing it down in a handmade card.

It's a really lovely touch and something that can be cherished and kept for years to come.

It's not just mother's and father's either - these can be used for every member of the wedding party - simply choose from the drop down list. We've tried to cover every option but if there's one we've missed just drop us a message.

Each card is made from the highest quality textured matte white 300gsm card.

They come in a rustic kraft envelope and are packed carefully in a clear cello bag.

We mail our cards in hard backed envelopes so they are well protected in the post.

The cards are A6 in size - 148 x 105mm